Saturday, August 2, 2014

Travel in the morning

Its off to SCAMP Camp again, the clinic has given me a conditional clearance, in practical terms that means that I'm ok and my health insurance is valid as long as I dont try running an iron man or competing in a 6 day cycle race.
Good, I doubt that I'd be putting either of those on my list of things to do anyway.

So its pack, shut the ship down, electrical and gas off ( thats the lpg for cooking type gas) . Both diesel tanks taps off, shore power disconnected, seacocks off, fridge emptied and propped open mooring lines doubled up and fenders all checked.

Lock 'er up and I'm on the bus.

I've secure parking here, free of course so the prospect of $5 a day long term parking does not appeal. So I catch the bus, two changes and it will take about 3 hours, but its free on my Superannuants Gold Card ( for non NZers, we get a special card on our 65th birthday that gets us a whole lot of special discounts as well as free rides on public transport during off peak times.  Very handy)

I'll be posting regularly while away, will introduce some friends, show you whats happening at SCAMP Skills ( sailing ) and SCAMP CAMP ( Building) classes, show off any really nice boats I find and "talk" about whats happening in Port Ludlow where I'll be staying, and Port Townsend where the classes are being run.



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