Monday, April 20, 2015

A new Sundowner

I've a nice long post all written out, pics taken, captions done, all that stuff but for some reason my lappy wont read the camera card. Grrr!

So it will wait for a little while, and just to show that I'm not asleep on the job here, I've pulled up one of my favorite threads on WoodenBoat forum.  Mal, otherwise known as "Quest" over there in Oz is building one of my  little "Sundowner" cruising yachts. He's kept at the job, posting pics regularly and telling readers of the forum what he's done each time, its looking good.
He's up to the stage where she is really looking like the little ship that she will become, quite a bit of the interior is in, the ballast has been cast and is bolted on, the decks and cabin are in the process of being fiberglassed and hatches are being worked on.

He's doing well,   go and have a look.  I'll see whats upsetting my 'puter and see why it wont talk to my camera.


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