Sunday, May 3, 2015

RAID January 2016

Last summerI made a half hearted attempt to organise a group of friends to go cruising in small boats, researched the area, campsites, routes and courses, pickups and parking for the vehicles and so on.  But several people were not going to be around on the best dates, I had other committments and it just gradually petered out.
The idea still persisted though and it was with great pleasure that I met up with a couple of guys at a small boat gathering a month or two ago, and they were thinking along the same lines.
We had a good talk about it all, and they've got together with others and its "on" for next summer.

I've offered my ship as mothership, or if they're not needing that will be along in one or other of my small boats, and am very much looking forward to participating and meeting all the people.

You'll find the details "here"

There is a group coming over from Tasmania, that makes it an "international" event in its first year, "Way to Go!"

See you there.

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