Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Half a million views!

I just noticed that this blog has hit half a million page views, thats a lot, a lot lot!

In spite of my having been very erratic in my posting for a while, the views keep accumulating, thank  you all, thats very encouraging, with the new season coming up and life seeming to be getting to be a bit more under control, more sailing, more designing and more building of boats, there should be more material to write about.

Thanks again, all of you.



  1. Ah, "more designing and more building of boats": will we see a prototype JRA dinghy soon? ;-)

  2. Life is beginning to settle down somewhat Annie, its been a bit chaotic. So yes, it will happen.

  3. A visit to Welsford designs is a vacation to a little sane island that is very pretty. I indulge practically daily with essentially no guilt!