Saturday, April 26, 2014

Progress on SEI

 Saturday April 25th

I spent a large part of the day reading and writing, puttering around cooking to fill the cake tins and the freezer and doing some laundry. It’s Saturday you know, and a holiday weekend with Anzac day being on Friday so I gave myself some of the  day off.
Did my usual 40 mins in the kayak at dusk though, lovely.

I did get some work done on SEI.  I have begun to do the setup, note that I have a wooden floor in the boatshed so will simply stand each frame up on legs, screw those to blocks on the floor, true them up and then brace them so they cant move.
People talk about their project going 3D.  Yup, it feels different, there is already a little hint of a shapely stern (c’mon, you are NOT supposed to think like that)  and I’ve just assembled the daggerboard case.

 Its all a bit unsteady as yet, but there are diagonal braces to be fitted in both axes and as the other frames are erected and added the structure will become much more rigid.

While the glue was setting on the other parts of the project, I got in with the angle grinder and shaped the foil section on the rudder blade.

 Heres the daggerboard case ready for final assembly, note that the inside of the case sides have been fiberglassed and the hardwood end logs coated in resin. Its hard to get down in there to coat it when its been put together.

All glued up, some trimming to do tomorrow then I can fit a frame to each end and thats the midships sub assembly ready to stand up.

Tomorrow I”ll be getting on with drawing in the morning, then will get back out to the boatshed, trim up those bits that I glued up this evening and start assembling the forward sub assembly.

Progress indeed, I like this stage of building as progress seems so rapid.

Just as a by the way, I like my little Lithium battery powered Ozito brand cordless multitool, its working out to be way better than I though, gets used all the time both as a sander and a saw!


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