Sunday, June 15, 2014


I really enjoy solo sailing, that’s my “time out” from the world. I’ve not been able to do much of that for a while, but next summer is looking promising.
That said, living on my own does not feel quite right, its nice to have company, someone around who is interested in my well being and someone for me to care for in return.
Pets are the answer for many older singles, and I’ve almost always had a dog around. Denny and I agreed that we’d “share custody” of Indy the Border Terrier, but really he’s her dog, training him for agility and to do tricks is her hobby.  While he’s with me on board here on The River she cant do that.  He’s very good company, an interesting and attentive companion, but he’s her dog.
We’d agreed that I should get a dog of my own, and we’d been thinking of a Cairn Terrier which she’d look after while I travel, and I’d babysit her Indy when she is busy.

But "best laid plans" and all that,  two weeks ago Denny spotted an ad for a  “free to a good home” Cairn Terrier / Poodle cross.  11 years old, his elderly lady owner had passed on some months ago and the little dog had been handed from one member of the family to another, was not wanted, and was showing signs of being both nervous and depressed.
The people who’d picked him up from the family, volunteering to find him a new home, brought him out to meet Denny and I on board the ship, they're nice people and concerned about his well being but they have two dogs already which is the limit in the city.
He came on board, had a sniff around then curled up at my feet.
He’s there as I write this.

So Dimbleby is now a boat dog, he’s learning, and after two weeks is becoming much brighter and more interested in whats around him, knows the routine,  loves going out in the truck and is doing his best to fit in.

“Dim” has some new tricks to learn, new foods to get used to,  has decided that the space under my armchair is just about the right kind of space for a small dog to sleep in, and  is very attentive now that he has “bonded” with his new owner.

Its nice to have company, and he’s very little trouble. Its not the same as getting a new puppy, his behaviour is already pretty good, he knows whats acceptable and whats not,  and while he has a few quirks I can live with them as long as he can live with mine.

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