Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Its been much too long since I posted here,  the past year has been not as much fun as one might like, but the health issues are somewhat under control and I'm more or less getting through the day.
I'm drawing again, have a project on the go in the workshop which although I'm not putting in full hours ( yet) is a sanity saver, and the medical guys tell me its just a matter of time and taking things very gently and I'll be as dangerous as I ever was.

A very big thank you to the two people who have been hugely helpful in maintaining my internet presence and keeping the ball rolling on forums and websites, without them things would have looked much worse from outside and inside.

I'll post separately with news, but this is really about saying, hey, while I am not as energetic as I might be,  I'm back on deck. 
And very glad to be ---

John Welsford