Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Howard Rice, under sail in the far south.

The SV Navara came across a tiny yacht sailing in the Magdalena Channel in the far south of Chile, not a sight they'd expected to see so they took pics and posted this to their website.
Surrounded by mountains, the weather extremely unpredictable and biting cold, glaciers hanging in many of the valleys, snow on most of the mountaintops, its not the place where small boats go.  Unless of course its Howard Rice. He will tell you he's just an ordinary guy.  Hah!

Check out the larger story on below40south.com

I'm posting progress reports there which, along with catching up with all the work I didnt get done here in NZ while I was in Chile supporting Howards expedition has meant that I've not kept the blog going like I should, but thought that you'd like this.