Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chips new Pilgrim sailing dinghy

Its the interaction with the customers that makes this job so good, lets face it, if I was only doing it for the money I'd be better off mending roads, but the people who have such confidence in my work that they commit years of spare time and a lot of cash to build my interpretation of their dream make me feel very proud.
I'd had a few exchanges of emails with Chip Matthews about the boat he wanted, and he bought plans for my Pilgrim design  .  That was late 2009, I think he started the build about Christmas, and I had the occasional question and progress report until he launched her a month or so ago. 
Just great, I dont need to go on about it any more than I have, his photo album tells the story.

Thanks Chip, that makes the late nights and inky fingers worth it.

John Welsford


  1. The pictures at chipspilgrim are very interesting. There are some things about this boat that are very different from most boats of the same length, especially all that room to lie down, separate from the quarterdeck aft where the helmsman in charge.

    A great building job.

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  3. Great pictures! Thank you! I found some more on this website: