Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back boatbuilding again.

Just a quick post today, no pics as its raining and my camera is up in the boatshed.
 I have almost completed setting up the boatshed as a workshop, have a temporary plywood floor built over the slipway ( which is too small for my ship so I cant use it anyway) and am busy building the prototype of a little dinghy for the sloop.  The last one worked,  but the constraints of fitting it into the cockpit of the sloop meant that it was just a little too small, 5ft 6in is a very small dinghy and I'd been having issues with low blood pressure causing poor balance so needed a little more stability.  Annie Hill ( the "Voyaging on a Small Income" book lady) bought it, and she's petite to be polite, fits the little boat perfectly and can lift it up on the deck of her liveaboard junk rigged 26 footer without any trouble.
The shape worked well, and in fact in spite of its tiny size the wee thing was better than you'd expect but now I drive a pickup truck I can carry a bigger dink in the tray on the back while towing the sloop on its trailer, so the new one will be a little longer and a little wider.
Watch this space.


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