Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Its a perfect night on the river.

The full tide will be about 10pm, its dead flat calm and there will be a big moon that will I think rise about the time when the water is highest. At full tide we get slack water for about 40 minutes, the current at other times can be quite fast and I dont feel like paddling against it so tend to go up with the last of the incoming and back with the very beginning of the ebb.
I'll be putting the little plywood kayak in the water in about an hour, by then I'll have had enough of wrestling with the publisher software that I'm using to put together a building guide for Scraps so will be very pleased to be off up the river in the moonlight.

Scraps is almost done, some tidying up to be done, angle grinder with a sanding disc and the big Festool random orbital will do it, and then paint the interior. Its only a tiny thing and I feel as though I could pour a big can of paint into her, pick her up and swill it around then pour the excess out. Nice thought, but it will be a paintbrush as usual.
Then its fittings on, and I"ll be bringing a set of oarlocks, oarlock sockets and oars up from the Hamilton workshop and expect to be having a launching next week.

Watch this space!


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  2. Hello John:
    Your website seems to be down or discontinued. Is there a problem that is going to be repaired/updated? How do we contact you for boat plans?