Monday, May 18, 2015

Raid dates, SEI and SNS Plans and other news

RAID Dates and other news.

Time to book leave from work, family or any other excuses for not coming along.

29 January to 6 February.
Raid to be run in the area between Kawau Island and Shakespears Bay in the regional park on the south side of Whangaparoa  Peninsula.
Note that the last two days are sailing from the one campsite and are in conjunction with the St Ayles Skiff regatta that will be run there.
The event also takes in the amazing Mahurangi Regatta, the best (Ok you Rotoiti people, its arguable) small and trad boat event on the calendar.

The event does not involve huge distances, it will suit kayakers, and anything from about 3.5m upward to 6m in size, there are limited places so book as soon as you see here that bookings are being accepted.

I’m bringing my ship as “mothership” by the way, I’ve a big lump of cast iron under the main saloon floor that will tow the whole fleet if needed, and have space on board for a pretty good party.

Think about it.  No, don’t think, be there!

See you on January 29th!

Travel to British Columbia and the charter trip.

I’ve one more sleep before I make the walk across to the main road to catch the bus into the city and then the airport express out to where the big silver birds perch.  Not long to go now, I’m very much looking forward to this.
Last year I had the pleasure of a trip out on a big whale watch boat from Telegraph cove on Vancouver Island, we got into the edges of the Broughton Islands Provincial Park which gave me some insight as to the amazing scenery and conditions in the area.
I can see why my friend James McMullen gets all wide eyed when he talks about that area, he has cruised it in his lovely double ended open sail and oar boat, and although we’ll be a little further south  on this trip, and in our little ship will have a few more luxuries ( hot showers!) Jackie and I are very much looking forward to the experience.

Saturday Night Special and SEI Plans.
I’ve just sent off the plans for Saturday Night Special to Chuck Leinweber, and the SEI Plans to John Owens.  Emailed of course, I made the run down to Hamilton to fix some damage that high winds had caused to the car shed that I’m building for Denny so took the opportunity to drop the plans sets into my friends at Cambridge Graphics and Print. Angela and Paula are great, lovely friendly people who give me the best of service.  Paula scanned the big plans sheets and had them in my email inbox before I got back home again.
Thanks Paula!

So Chuck will be talking to his “volunteers” for building the SNS fleet.  It’s a simple boat to build, should be huge fun to sail, and this is a very worthwhile project.  The plans still have a little more detail to add and the building guide will probably be written while I’m away.  But we will be offering plans free to anyone wanting to build for the fleet,  and after the deadline for the 2016 Texas 200 the plans will go on general sale.
Builders need not commit to a full boat, someone  building a rudder, or a frame, or spars, is making a worthwhile contribution. Please think about it, components can be shipped to a builder who will put them all together.
If you are interested in participating, either as a builder or a sailor, please contact Chuck at Duckworks.

SEI. With J O Boatworks we’re going to be offering kitsets, frames and stems or a complete plywood components kit .  Duckworks will have a rigging and fittings kit including sail.  This is a nice easy build and the boat looks almost a million dollars, perhaps about $850 thou, that’s a very nice result for not a lot of work.

I expect both of these plans to be available a couple of weeks after I get back home.

I just noticed, this is post number 100 in this blog, who'd a thunk it!
Thanks all who follow and read.

The next post on this blog will be from 8000 miles north of here. Adventures do happen if you let them.



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