Thursday, August 13, 2015

RIP Frances Diana Kyle. 1932/2015

Things have been very quiet on the posting front,  Apologies for that, but its been a rough week.
While enjoying summer, SCAMP Camp and SCAMP skills, the company of good friends and all that’s enjoyable about the ports Ludlow, Hadlock and Townsend out there on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State USA, I got the news that my Mother in Law was failing fast plus two other close family members were not well.
 So I hopped the first available plane out, and after a trip home that included three flights on an airline I’d go a long way to avoid in future ( Hawaiian)  a night on the concrete floor outside the security office in Honolulu airport, a 23 hour wait between flights and arriving in Auckland in the middle of the night to find one of my two bags not present on the baggage carosel.
I got back to find my Mother in Law at home, only awake for short periods but still able to conduct very short conversations, and I had the privelege of staying close by and supporting the family for her last few days.
She died on Monday last, the funeral was on Wednesday, and I’m thankfully back at home on the ship catching up with tasks left aside while more important things were attended to.

Its dead of winter here, short days, grey and rainy, long cold nights.  Sort of appropriate really.

John Welsford


  1. John, so sorry for you and your family,
    Stay strong...

    Thanks for posting and letting us know.


    1. Thanks Simeon, much appreciated. Sorry we did not get time to chat while I was in your area, but I"ll be back.

  2. My sympathies John,I lost my Mother while I was away,but as they say it's the only certainty and at the end sometimes it's definitely time to cross the bar.

  3. Sorry to hear that Paul, it would have taken some of the shine off your trip.
    I find that its an odd feeling, somewhat akin to having the last of your youth stripped away, the cloak of seniority has a peculiar weight to it and it settles on ones shoulders with the passing of a parent.
    My sympathies to you and your family.

    1. Thank you John I will give you a buzz at some stage

  4. Sorry to hear all this John. My thoughts and sympathies are with you and your family
    Best wishes
    Arwen's Meanderings