Sunday, June 5, 2016

I've just run the second "Essential Skills for Beginnner Boatbuilders" class

Three students this time, Thanks Reg, David and Matt, that was a great couple of days.
We had one Pathfinder builder, one making up his mind, and his family visited us while we were having a little break, they have two beautiful children so I suggested that the Pathfinders extra space might make for a less crowded boat when on passage.  As well we had one course participant who has about made his mind up to build a SCAMP.
For the Pathfinder builders, here's a good Facebook page.

Brinson is about to leave to go to the Texas coast to ride along on the Texas 200 with Peter Menedez in his Pathfinder .  Good luck guys, have a good trip.

Thats it on those courses for a while, I'm supposed to be in Chile later in the year, have commitments over summer so am thinking about running two more in April  or May next year. I do enjoy these, come away with new friends, encourage participation soI learn too.

There has been a suggestion that I might consider a " next step" course, I'll think over what might be included in that.

In the meantime, I'll get back to the usual blog posting in a day or three.

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