Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I went north to Whangarei and visited Annie Hill the other day

Annie is making progress on her floating home.

SIBLIM,  ( Small is beautiful, less is more) is coming along well, as always with projects like this its taking longer than expected but for a solo build learning the skills as she goes, SIBLIM is coming along well.

Although only 26 ft long, this boat has an amazing amount of space, there is a luxury sized bunk up forward with good standing space to the side, lots of storage, a head and wash space and more storage just aft of that and a lovely spacious main cabin back from that.

Being less than tall is a real help in the headroom requirement, but even for me  at a good handspan taller the spaces feel comfortable, and getting around inside this little ship wont be hard on my head should I contact the overhead.

The only area that is really finished, ( just some fittings to be bolted in) is the anchor deck, that’s the area just back from the bow where one stands to handle the ground tackle. Now, I’ve stood on a rounded, wet and slippery fiberglass foredeck deck while heaving a 25 lb anchor and a heap of chain up  and it wasn’t a nice place to work. But this area, with its wide Junk style stem, lowered deck level leaving good bulwarks each side and secure footing is a much safer place.
I like it.

Here are some pics of the interior and foredeck,  I’ll be back there again soon and will report as the cabin fitout goes ahead.

 The companionway to the head and forward cabin, plenty of space here. Thats Annie of course, ever the smiling one.

 Sumptious space in the "bedroom". 
 Now thats a foredeck that I'd be happy working on.
The view from forward through the main cabin to to cockpit, lots of work to do there as yet but progress is being made.  The dink on the back wall of the shed is my "Offcuts" design, the predecessor to "Scraps". 

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