Saturday, December 23, 2017

Best wishes to all.

For some its Christmas Eve here in New Zealand,  for others its midwinter and the beginning of the rise to springtime, for us here its full summer of course, but in any case it’s the festive season whichever way you see or celebrate it.

For me, a new year is only a few days away, and the new years resolutions involve family, adventures planned, boats in build to complete, a major paintjob on the old ship on which I live, and boats to draw plans for. 

I’m hoping to spend more time out sailing this season, last year saw me travelling in southern Chile so I “lost” a lot of the time I’d have had over the summer and didn’t get out much, but as of last weekend we’ve already begun cruising with an overnight trip out to a popular island just north of here. There will be more of this!

So, from here, all the very best for the season, the new year, the winter or summer whichever applies, best wishes for a year in which things go well for all of you, best wishes to, to your friends and family, and best wishes to all those who venture out on the water.

May good luck go with you wherever you go.

John Welsford
Weiti River,

New Zealand.


  1. Compliments of the season John, see you next year and looking forward to some more cruising with friends old and new...

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