Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Website worries.

My website URL was registered with a company that does that sort of thing, costs a few bucks a year for same. But over the years communications with that company have been erratic to say the least and on one occasion a while back they cut us off without notice for non payment, no invoice, no notice, not a word.  Just "Chop" and no website.
With that in mind and knowing that the time for payment of the annual extortion was close I tried my darnedest to contact them last December.  I emailed, several times.  I phoned, just got a whistle from their fax.  Sent a couple of faxes, all of my missives asking them to please send an invoice and I'd see that it got paid post haste.
Nothing.  Not a whisper, and guess what! Last week, "Chop"!
Guess what else?  I've changed companies, with their help we'll be back up again in a couple of days at the same internet address. The new outfit got an invoice to me in 4 hours, I am now registered through them, am on their customer list, have passworded access to their help desk which is a 24/7 operation, and its way cheaper.  All done between 2 pm and dinnertime, over the phone at that!
The new company?  Interspeed.co.nz  .
Should have done it ages ago!

The errant outfit? The one with one less customer?  PrimeHost  .  Be warned.

John Welsford


  1. Noticed your site was missing plus Dave P's Openboat - maybe he was with the same outfit

  2. I think that Dave was just overwhelmed with work and life in general so did not have time to run it.
    But I'm "up" again, good service by the new company.


  3. It seems to me your type of problem is symptomatic to service suppliers these days...what ever happened to customer service?
    I now have a zero tolerance of poor service and will immediately go elsewhere,after all there are usually plenty of other fish in the sea

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