Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winter entertainment

Here in the Southern Hemisphere its winter of course.  So what am I doing instead of going sailing?

Around the shortest day here in NZ we tend to have wet, windy weather.  This year is for the most part true to form apart from being unseasonably warm, one of the theories is that the warmer weather provides more energy to the weather systems so we get more and worse but warmish. 
These last couple of weeks has seen some really odd stuff, 70 knots on the nowcasting weather buoy off the mouth of the river, and a few hours later bright sun and absolutely still air. Not for long though as the next frontal system is generally only a few hours away, they say that here in New Zealand “if you don’t like the weather just wait for a few hours”.
Too true.

So in between the stuff which has to be done each day, work and chores and such, rather than go outside and wade around in mud and puddles I stay inside drawing and researching, writing and generally getting on with the design work.

Between times though I’ve been watching some of the videos posted on the various small boat and design groups that I haunt, and todays post has some of my favourites from among the recent ones.

Here’s one showing Richard Schmidt in his Navigator  and Grant Nalder in his Pathfinder out enjoying themselves in allcomers dinghy class racing on Wellington harbour.

Another Pathfinder out cruising in New Zealands fabled Bay of Islands,  the author will have to forgive me for not knowing his name,  but he’s done a nice job of his build and this video shows off both the boat and the lovely waters of the BOI  .  Well done Skipper.

A third one from Western Australia, another Navigator out sailing with three friends,  nice work.  I’m sitting here in pitch darkness,  cuddled up to the heater while the rain beats on the cabin top.  No I’m not unhappy, I can go and watch videos like this to remind me of summertime.
Again, I don’t have the “authors” name to hand but congratulations, and yes I do envy you those warm blue waters.

Nice watching, have fun.

Thanks to the authors of these lovely little productions.


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