Saturday, January 24, 2015

Small things and happiness

Lifes  annoyances.

There are days when nothing seems to go right.  A couple of days ago I spilled a cup of tea when sitting up in my bed writing on the laptop, I’ve done it before, and its really annoying.
There was nothing that I can put the cup on that was within easy reach so I was wedging it upright with the duvet and that’s not a reliable way of keeping a full mug upright.

I’d come to the conclusion a while back that happiness was not so much a matter of getting all the big things into order, its more a matter of dealing with the little day to day annoyances.  Get them right and life’s a lot more comfortable.
Like buying some new key tops for my Mac laptop, replacing the duff switch on the cold water pump, securing the edge of the carpet on the step up into the main cabin, and yes, doing something about a place to put my mug of tea in the morning.

Done!  That spill was the last straw!

I’ve made a little folding shelf from material in my scraps bin.  The panelling along the cabin side above the edge of the bunk is recessed, and as a permanent shelf would be in the way, I made the shelf such that it would fold up into the recess when not in use.  Its just in the right position so I don’t have to reach, but does not intrude on my work area when I’m wedged up in the corner of the bunk reading or writing,

Hinged so it sits into the recessed panelling when its folded the little shelf does not intrude into the bed space when not in use.  Those swelled areas on the side rails form "props" to support it when its down. 
I’ve spent a lot of time in this bunk, and this weekend, a top of the summer holiday one for those who work or have kids at school so there are literally thousands of boats out there on the water, thousands of people on the beaches, the rods are clogged with traffic, and I’ll spend most of my day here. 
Yesterday was possibly the last time I will visit the haematology clinic at the hospital,  things are all good.  But it leaves me feeling really wrung out  for a day or two so the bed is a good space until I’m back on the pace.
Cup of tea in the morning, no spills! Magic!

Small things = happiness. And yes, I am reading that.  Interesting stuff, I'd not have bought it but it was on the local libraries "for sale" table at just a dollar.  Now thats good value.

By the way, when I called at the clinic yesterday, I had my 18 ft gaff sloop on its trailer hung on the back of my little truck .  She’s a lump,  with bowsprit and outboard motor mounting, she’s close to 22 ft long, with the trailer the combined weight is around 3200 lbs so the rig is not “nimble”. 
 I'll be doing a tidy up on the varnish, and have some work to do to re rig her with the new carbon fibre mast.  Thanks to the guys for the very good deal on the reject carbon tube, the new mast is 9 kg, the old one 19.4.  Pushing the old one up when rigging took a very deep breath and a big heave.  Now its a one hand job.  The difference in stability is very noticeable which has to help the boats performance too.

Finding a space for a near 40 ft long combination at the hospital carpark took a few minutes, many thanks to the lady who kindly moved her car across one park space so I had two spaces in line to park in.  She and her husband are sailors, he’s in getting a new knee joint and they’re looking forward to going cruising long term.
Nice person, I wish them well, and thanks again..

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