Monday, April 27, 2015

I designed my Navigator design quite a few years back now, originally designed as a race trainer which would teach late teen aged sailers the basics of handling the small high performance keel boats that form Yachting New Zealands core training fleet without having to spend megabucks to get their own boat, the design was chosen by a repeat customer to be a cruiser.
Some mods to the centerboard and rig later, a different cockpit layout and we had Navigator as we now know it.

There are around 700 sets of plans sold to date, a figure which makes me very proud, and there are Navigators sailing on waters I've never seen.
Some of those boats are beautifully built, lovely boats built with loving care and the best of materials.

I've been following Suzy J's blog and Wooden Boat forum thread for some time, and thought thatnow she has a pic posted of her ship outside in the sun it was time to bring this to the attention of my blog readers.

So check this out people,

and here is her own blog. Wonderful stuff, I wish she were closer so I could visit.
Thanks Suzy.

John Welsford

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