Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happenings, progress and events to come.

Its been a week in which I did not achieve much, but felt as though I’d been working my butt off. Sick relative needs help, my mother at 90 needs a gentle watch kept on her, busy at my “ex’s “ house, some engineering work and two days downtime after the blood clinic. So, nothing done on the drawing board, I missed a posting, but am back on track again.

Catchup time, life seems to be mostly either catching up or trying to keep up. Shouldn’t complain, it could be a lot worse.

I got a message about my friend Stuart Reid, some of who’s plans feature in my catalogue.  He lost his wife Rose last year, and early this year had a fall that left him completely paralysed, he’s in a convalescent home where I can visit him now, and I’ll be making the effort to get down there to say hello.

As I write its bucketing down with rain outside, I’m snug in my bunk writing up bits and pieces. Once that’s done will be out in the shed working on SEI.
I need to get her out of the shed, or at least hung in the rafters so I can build the planking model for the Saturday Night Special prototype.  The proof of concept boat works pretty well, but there are some slight changes to incorporate before the volunteer builders start on building six for next years T200.
These will be used in much the same way as the “Duck” fleet in last years T200, proceeds to Cancer Research, and Small Craft Advisor Magazine are the main sponsors, movers and shakers for this project.
The “proof” boat has been out a few times now, and the reports are that she handles nicely, is reasonably quick, although it has not been sailed in the winds that its designed for ( 20 knots quartering tailwind, the usual Texas 200 conditions) there is no reason to think that its needing any change of shape.

I’d like to think too that there will be a SCAMP fleet there, will be trying to persuade my friend Jackie Monies to bring her SCAMP.  Not the famous red one, but her very own, a Gig Harbour Beige with Chocolate trim Fiberglass one that will be called “Cowboy Cookies”.  Now anyone who knows Jackie will know about cowboy cookies, and I think it’s a great name for her SCAMP.
She’ll be at the SCAMP Skills weekend at Port Townsend, has consented to be “Camp Mother” at SCAMP Camp in July and will be at the Pocket Yacht Palooza and the Red Lantern Rally .  Scroll down to find information “here”.

But back to Saturday Night Special, the length is to be adjusted to just under 14 ft so they wont have to be registered, the bottom needs stiffening, and there is to be a swing centreboard rather than a daggerboard in recognition of the many shallows on the course.
I’m working on making sure that the boat is bulletproof, no broken rudders or mast steps.

Josh Colvin, Editor in Chief and head honcho at Small Craft Advisor has recovered sufficiently from his last years trip up the Texas Coast in a “Duck” to partner me in one of the boats, so the SNS fleet will have the two of us along to entertain them. It will be a first for me, I’m looking forward to the event, 14 months away I think, lots to do between now and then.

Back in the boatshed here, the gunwale structures are in SEI, she is getting her oarlock blocks fitted today, I’ve cut them out of a lump of scrap Kwila which is damn difficult stuff to get a decent finish on.  Its got lots of curly and reverse grain, is oily and difficult to glue, I use some because I inherited a trailerload of short 3 x 7s a few years ago and being hard, durable and stable its handy for all sorts but I back the glue up with bolts or screws.
So today I have the blocks made up, have cut them to shape and even made an attempt to fit the curve of the sides. I’ve made the bungs that will cover the screw heads, and have a piece of brass strap that will make the top and bottom oarlock plates. 
A nice gentle job in the shed, radio on just loud enough to hear over the rain on the roof, just right for a day like this one.

Its light outside now, 6 30 am on the slide through autumn and into winter, so I’d best get up and get on with it.

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