Monday, October 26, 2015

Readership, a thank you.

I’ve been running this blog now since January 8th 2011. For a while it was an on and off thing, not regular, or much of a priority, but of late I try to find something of interest about Thursday each week so you’ll all have something to read.
Its worked well, not a lot of “followers” but there are plenty who just come and read now and again, the stats column that we bloggers can access shows where the readers come from and which posts pick up the most page views, and that enables me to see what subject matter is of interest.

A month ago, I was thinking that I might make it to 200,000 page views total by the end of the year, and thinking that was good going, and it is for a lot of bloggers so I was pretty happy with that.  But with a comment or two about the new  “Saturday Night Special”,   “SEI” and “Long Steps” designs there has been a considerable upturn in readership, and we rocketed past the 200 K page views total and are now close to 205 K and booming along ( so to speak).

Its gratifying that there is so much interest, and I thought that I should thank you readers for your interest and your patience when a post is late or missed.
It’s the readership that makes this worthwhile, it makes me feel as though I’ve friends everywhere, thank you, all of you.

An example of a relationship that has grown without having met him, is this photo from Steve Earley who sails his Pathfinder design "Spartina' in the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina area, he's a particularly good writer and his stories of cruising in that area are a wonderful tonic when, he being in the northern hemisphere summer I read his tales in the depths of my winter.
He's done a nice job of Spartina, and here he is out enjoying her.  Nice one, thanks Steve, I do hope we'll meet up sometime.
Steve Earley photo. Thanks Steve,  now isn't that a great picture!


  1. Well done on the good readership numbers, although not too surprising
    I think. As well as as a talented designer and boat builder you tell a good story as well. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Blogging tends to be an off and on thing, unless you really have a lot of time to devote to it. Keep up the good work.