Friday, December 4, 2015

A new magazine and you wont even have to look in your letterbox!

This time of year is a busy one on the engineering side of my life, and with Christmas coming up family deserve special attention as well.  So Denny, Sarina, Brendan and their families all get visits and I’m out shopping for stocking fillers and gifts.  All this means that there is not much happening on the boating front so instead of “doing” I’m reading a little before lights out of an evening.

Richard Palmer contacted me a little while ago, outlining his plans to produce a monthly on line magazine focused on small boats, traditional boats, history and notable voyages, and in fact pretty much anything that would be of interest to “us” kind of people.
He’s UK based, and focused, and his contributors include some UK characters prominent in the small boat cruising world, plus designers such as Paul Fisher, Mik Storer and myself.

I wrote a bit for this issue and have been very much looking forward to seeing what he produced. The first magazine is “here” now. Do enjoy the read,  this is a great start to what I hope will be a wonderful, well targeted magazine for the small boat enthusiast.
The first edition is a free one and wow!  I’ll be subscribing, so should you! 

An apology, I cant get the link to work straight out of this text, its possibly a guard against accessing subscriber material so you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser, that works fine.



  1. A good effort to which I will also subscribe .You are particularly well represented John I note ;)

  2. Well done with your article. I continue to learn more of your background and influencing factors. Yes, Phil Bolger has been a driving force in the small boat world but your style refinements make all the difference. Congratulations and have a fine Christmas!

    1. Thanks Simeon, I should also have mentioned that McKee's book on English working boats was and is a book to which I frequently refer.

      Christmas is of course summertime here, and I'm looking forward to that. All the best of the festive season to yourself and family.