Saturday, August 13, 2016

Gone Walkabout.

Blog for this week.
Its late, I’ve been otherwise occupied for a couple of days, so the blog has had to wait.  So heres’s a little thing to keep you occupied until I can get into the shed when there is light enough for a progress pic or two of Long Steps.

This is Gary Blankenship behind the camera, and his skipper Chuck Leinweber in the stretch Walkabout that Chuck built and Sandra, in her immediately recognisable style, painted.  The event is the Everglades Challenge back in 2013, that’s a 300 mile race down the western side of the Florida peninsula then across the bottom to Key Largo.  It’s a challenging event, four or five days for most participants and that’s if everything goes well.  It looks as though the guys had a memorable trip this time.  Thanks Gary for the video, and thanks Chuck for the  moments of mirth.

Here's more about the boat.  I cant get the link to work so, please, if you'd like to read more, cut and paste that into your browser. Thanks.

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