Friday, March 28, 2014

Life on the river

Life on the river.

I once made the observation that sunsets tended to be like Wagner, and sunrise like Debussy, the former spectacularly colourful and dramatic while the latter tends to be more subtle.
Not this morning though, wow!  Its 0645h, I’m sitting here in bed hammering away at the keyboard writing a building manual for the little Scraps boat plans, putting photos in and captioning them while trying to keep the text informative without being pedantic and over long.  I woke at 0330h, the cup of tea I drank at bedtime making its presence felt and while up found that it was raining so drove the truck up to the top of the track that runs down through the bush to my little haven here.
When wet that steep, sheltered bare dirt track can get too slippery to get back out and rather than be trapped here until it dries, I shifted the vehicle up to the flat grassy paddock at the top. I do hope I did not wake my neighbours with the noise of the rattly little diesel.
The “other” neighbours horrid dog did not wake though which is a blessing, his bark sets off all the other dogs in the neighbourhood.

Back to the sunrise though, there is about 30% cloud cover, all streaky and a mix of high and low, the sun is coming up under them and the colour and effects are stunning.  It started with pale green, went through darker green and blue with streaks of rose then bright brick red and is now almost the whole palette including purple and patches of black under the heavier of the clouds.  Wow!
Normally I’m one of those people for whom this time of the morning is a figment of other peoples imagination but I’m glad to be awake to watch this one.


  1. “What breaks in daybreak? Is it the night? Is it the sun, cracked in two by the horizon like an egg, spilling out light?”
    ― Margaret Atwood

  2. Be very glad you got some rain. I would just love to get some nice showers here in Franklin.
    Love boating, love being on, under and in the water and hate being without it on the farm!
    Scraps looks a sweety.