Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More paint.

I usually try for Thursday or Friday for each weeks post, but I’m a day or two early this week.
Painting is happening.  Yeehah! Not far to go now.

When painting, the undercoat tends to show up all the nasties, the blips and bumps that should have been sanded out the holes that were not filled, the  high spots that should have been taken down, nail heads that still show and the glossy bits on the epoxy that should have been flatted off.
All the bits you don’t want people to see. 

So I paint early, just one coat of primer undercoat, then go over it with the sander and filler,  that’s where I’m at now with SEI.
I’ve got one end primer painted, I’m sanding at the other end, mainly with the magic FEIN multitool in triangle sander mode, the point of the triangle amazingly effective at sanding the radius in the corner fillets, and I’m finish sanding and am hiding the worst of the blemishes with filler back in the stern.

I figured I’d try a little of the colours, I’ve gone lighter and brighter than usual as the paint, apart from the gunwale, is satin finish so wont reflect as much light. That plus selecting from a tiny square of colour on a piece of card with two dozen others is a bit of a raffle.
I have mixed feelings on the result, it’s a bit “toy soldier”,  maybe duller colours next time.
But the paint has been bought, has been mixed and is there, so that’s whats going to be used.  I’m sure I’ll get to like it in a while.

Bright colours, they look better when the paints dried to its satin finish, and I think I'll put a little more green in the mix to make it slightly darker. Might even do something to dull the red a bit.
Still, whats life without some experimentation.

 The shops in a mess I've some extra gear and nowhere much to put it so the next job after the boats done is to build more shelving up high.  Need that storage.
But the boats looking ok, I've not made an exceptionally nice job of her, she's a hurried build but structurally ok.  Really she's a testbed and proof of concept build, and I've had rather a lot of other things that needed attention so its a bit of "do as I say not as I do" in this case.

In places the paint looks good, hides lots of sins, the next coat will hide all that. I’m working my way forwards with sander, filler and brush as the wind howls in the trees around the shed.  Its rough water out there on the estuary, with the wind against the tide its definitely not kayak weather.  Inside the shed, working away dreaming of days out on sparkling water with gentle breezes is just fine, so being in here with the paintbrush and sander is no hardship.


  1. Hey John the paint colour combination look pretty good to me and the red will get lighter as time goes by so use what you have and see how you go

  2. I dropped a few dribbles of black into the red, and repainted that little bit to see what it looked like. Not so bright, I like it. If I were to do the colour again I think I'd make the inside pale grey rather than the green but was trying to save a buck by using white which I needed for spars, plus a little of the green which I used on the outside. Going to the grey would have meant another $80 can of paint.
    But hey, when I'm sailing I wont care much what colour she is.
    Thanks for the thought though,

  3. I understand the pain of buying paint, down here in the antipodes the cost is HIGHWAY ROBBERY

  4. Hi John, I think the idea of s semi gloss finish is great, but how does the interior finish hold up in the sun? I can't find an exterior semi gloss here in Albury NSW. Sei looks great!