Saturday, December 7, 2019

Repair work

I’ve a boat in for repair.  Not my usual thing, but in this case the customer wants his boat ready to go for the nearly upon us summer holiday season, and “boat yards” aren't into doing small repairs on small sailing boats. Particularly not at this time of year when they’re under pressure to get their main customers boats out and on the water before their staff head away for the Christmas break.
So I agreed that I’d do it.
The boat in question is a Navigator, very nicely built by Peter Murton of Murtons Timbercraft in Nelson, and Indiver Nagpal, new to sailing  had a little misfortune sailing solo in her,  and I’m now spot painting the dings and scratches, and replacing broken gaff jaws.

Here’s some pics.

Maya, a Navigator from my drawing board and Peter Murtons capable hands, really nicely done. In a couple of days she'll be back out on the water with all her little wounds healed.  Here's a link to the builder who's just started on another JW boat, this one a Pathfinder.  I think he's getting close to 20 of my boats built and sent out to happy owners, wow!

Gaff jaws, the old ones were plenty strong, but the rig got tangled up with something tough and broke one side of the jaws off the spar. The replacements are carved from a Kowhai tree crook rather than laminated, now that the glue has set I can varnish then leather them. 


  1. oow - same colours as Arwen; who has soo many dings on her hull that constantly get touched up - I like the trailer - mine has rollers on it and its more designed for a rib I think - the rollers also damage paint work on the hull - perhaps taking them off and using a plank and two support brackets might be a better way of doing it........Hope you are well John Steve

    1. Thanks Steve, its quite possible that Maya's paint job was inspired by your own Arwen, Indiver follows your blog and I think your posts were a factor in choosing to have a Navigator built.
      I'm about done with patching the paint, have the leathering on the boom and gaff jaws to redo and thats about it. Touching up a paint job like that is difficult, but this has come up ok.
      Yes, I'm in good order, lots happening in life, but I'm positive about whats coming, and am keen to do a lot more sailing this summer. Watch this space.