Friday, December 23, 2016

Checking out the coastline from here.

Yesterday we went for a drive along the coast toward Cape Froward ( not a spello) which is one of the more notorious spots around here.  The wind howls down the channel from the west and is forced through a relatively narrow gap between mountains and consequently can be much stronger than they’d otherwise be.
We got about 60 km away from town before we came across a big bushfire,  not spectacular but the locals were taking it seriously with helicopters, SUVs full of fit liking guys and truckloads of equipment heading out to combat it.
The road was closed at that point, so we turned around and headed back, found Porto Hombres which would be the jump off point, the last civilisation that Howard will see before setting off across the straights into the winding channels and mountains that lead out to the Pacific, which as we all know, isnt “Pacifico”.

Porto Hambres is a really interesting little place, being the off season for the giant crabs which is the basis for the inshore fishery catch the tiny harbour was full of boats, many of them rafted up and a few onshore for maintenance.
Some were past their “use by” dates, one new one in build, there were a couple of burned out wrecks and a cobweb of lines rigged to massive concrete anchors buried well back from the shore holding all in place.

There are warnings in the sailing guides that yachtsmen should be wary of obstructing the fishing boats or entangling themselves in their mooring lines, but it also says that its possible to raft alongside.

We had a good look at possible entrys and exits to the harbour, where it might be possible to tie up ashore, and whether it will be practical to sail in and out.
This could be the last piece of civilisation that Howard sees before he heads out into the maze of channels and islands to the west and south.
That will depend upon the wind direction, but looks as though it will work.

All along the coast, in tiny coves or stream mouths there were fishing boats. Almost all dark blue, all very much the same model.  I’d love to go out in one to see how they behave, solid little boats, a bit rough and ready but well suited to the conditions.

This area has some very nice homes by the way, It’s almost the “Costa del Sol” of the area, numerous childrens playgrounds at the beaches suggests that it’s a holiday area.

Again, an interesting place.

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  1. We poured over maps to find Porto Hambres with no luck, and what do you know, its on Google Maps.
    We love that you're discovering new and surprising things daily. What a journey. Thanks for sharing.