Monday, December 12, 2016

Punta Arenas, the southernmost city on earth.

There are settlements at Ushuia and Porto Williams, but they're quite small, P A is a city of close to 150 thousand.

While the air temperature is ok, probably around 16/18 degrees, the wind chill factor is fierce.  That wind cuts like a knife, and today it was blowing pretty hard.
The Straights out there were grey blue and white, roaring white capped waves marching endlessly as far as we could see.
Tough weather for sailing.
But of course we’re not, we’re ensconced in a nice little apartment, its warm in here behind the windows and it was my turn to cook tonight.  Stir fried chicken & mushrooms in rice with vegetables and the remains of a very nice loaf of bread with bananas or oranges for dessert.

My turn in the kitchen tonight,  didn't poison anyone which is good.

We’ve been around the town a bit today,  found the supermercado (supermarket), several outdoor equipment shops, our friend Mauricios café, and had a good long chat to our friend the Zone Commander of the Armada de Chile (Navy).
It gets a bit cold here at times, remember that this is summertime! 

Its been quite a profitable day from the point of view of getting some essential jobs done, there are a few more to be ticked off the list before the boat arrives, then more work on the boat, provisioning to do, find a means of transporting it, and get the boat all rigged and cold water sea trials to conduct.

We’re enjoying “Punta”, the architecture is interesting, the people friendly, the weather “different” and we’re getting the essential jobs done.

Sophie joins us tomorrow, she’s our translator so we’ll have a team of six to house, feed, ( I’m glad I only had five to cook for tonight,  the frying pan was pretty full) and transport.  But the cameras are running, the weather is bright, the boat arrives in three days and we’ve a place to work on it before we launch it.

The Boot brothers are getting pretty friendly with the Floral twins,  you can see an enigmatic little smile on each of the girls, while the brothers both of them have their tongues hanging out. 
I'm not sure about this. Could be trouble brewing if we're not careful!

Adios for now from Denny, Howard, David, Phil and myself. 


  1. Well done, Chef. What is it, one on and three off?

    Be careful or you will be drafted as chief cook and bottle washer.

  2. We figure that we can do a rotation Simeon, with six to feed its a bit of a load, there is not much space to store stuff and the budget wont stand eating out too much so its off to the supermarket for the designated cook each day, and the cook doesn't have to wash dishes. So far so good.