Friday, December 23, 2016

Its high summer here, the longest day of the summer was just a couple of days ago but, but, there are days when its not warm and sunny. 
Yesterday started out rainy, about 4 dg C, but by afternoon it was 15deg C and warm enough for just a light sweater.  So changeable.

Here’s Denny on one of the cooler days, she’s up on the passenger deck of  the ferry to Porvenir, she was back into the warm cabin quick smart.

With the good ship Southern Cross out of the container in which she was shipped, the crate delivered and unloaded, a group of friends and our crew picked her up and carried her around into the shelter of the covered driveway of our unit here at Casa Willetu.  Shes safe here, we can work on her as we need, and there are some jobs to be done.

Today has been a day of meetings, visitors, small jobs and not as much progress as we’d like.  However apart from a Harbourmasters inspection we’re through the paperwork, we have materials and tools, a workspace and time, so with luck we’ll have her ready to go in three or four days.

 Our mermaid/translator checking out the interior of Southern Cross.  Sophia has travelled with us to be our translator and help us with the officials of Customs and Shipping, the Zone Commander of the Navy and some others with whom we needed to be precise and clear.  Thanks Sophia, may there be lots of chocolate in your future.

 Southern Cross in her temporary workshop, there is a steel gate between her and the street and the entrance to our unit is just to the left.

Big smile, his baby has arrived with no shipping damage, we're able to get on with a few little jobs and with luck he'll be ready to go very soon.
Howard checking out the interior, this boat has a huge amount of storage for a small boat, and its just as well, there is a lot to go in there.
Its not all "boat"  we get out for a walk to stretch our legs now and again, the city is full of little surprises.  This was a particularly nice garden in a city where they are uncommon.  As well as the brightly coloured flowers I liked the Bug in the corner of the driveway, it was in very good shape.


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