Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting close to the big day

"The big day" being next Wednesday.  Its Sunday morning here and I've still a lot to get done before we fly out to Chile to meet up with Howard, David of Lutra Productions, Sophia who will travel south from Santiago to Punta Arenas to be our translator, ( I can say please and thank you, ask where the restroom is and order a meal as long as its chicken and rice with vegetables so I can survive in a Spanish speaking world, sort of).

For anyone who's not caught up with what this travel is all about, have a read in "here".   There are 10 videos under the "Media" heading, and lots of reading.

Yesterday I spent the day with family, we had an early Christmas lunch, I mowed the grass around Dennys house, have mine to do today, then its packing.  Lots of drawing to do, all stuff that I should have got done weeks ago but of late there really needed to have been two of me to get through all the jobs.  Wedging things apart enough to take a month out at the busiest time of year ( summer here of course, unlike you northern hemisphere people who are in the cold )  is not easy.  But one way or another Denny and I will be on that plane on Wednesday evening.

I've some tools to pack, there are a few little jobs to do on Howards boat, clothing for Santiago where the temps are plus 30 deg, thats around 90F,  and for Punta Arenas where it will be about 12 deg, thats early 50sF. So two lots of gear, tools, some reading matter, computer and charger plus adaptor plug.  I have to be able to carry all this, and there are weight limits on the airline so it will be probably about 25 kg, (55 lbs).

I will be blogging as we travel, so --- Watch this Space.


  1. Travel safely John. have fun

    1. Thanks Steve, its going to be a real adventure, I expect to be posting regularly here on the blog so "Watch this space"

  2. Have fun John and all the best of luck to Howard, I look forward to the updates. We'll catch up when you are back, I have a new 'tidy-up/restoration project' you might be interested to see - one of your designs of course... so pathfinder build plans are on hold for the moment.
    Your build is looking great by the way!

  3. Have a wonderful, exciting and safe trip! Can't wait to hear all the details when you get back.
    Angela & Paula (Cambridge Graphics)