Monday, December 19, 2016

We are staying with some very generous people.


Our hosts here have been amazing, they’re on board with the project and want to  help in any way they can. 
We’re staying in a comfortable little two bedroom apartment, nice and sunny, has a kitchen where we’re taking turns to cook for the group.  Right now I’m chewing on a toasted sandwich made by Howard.

The puzzle as to where to keep the shipping crate that Southern Cross has been shipped in, plus the gear that comes to help with preparation but which wont be be needed on the voyage was bothering us, but when we asked if the crate could be put on the road verge outside there was some rapid conversation, and consultation with Mama, and they’ve offered to keep the crate in the driveway that leads to an apartment that they’re building on the other side of the Casa from where we stay.   No cost, we offered, but no, no cost.  Wow!
That’s going to make live much easier for  us, the boat, the work that will done on it, and the crate all in one place and no worries about security or having to move lumber and stores from our original place to where we’ll work.
So much easier,  thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For friendly, comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the central city and the waterfront,  highly recommended.

You'll meet Ivette David Rotenberg, Gonzalo Gallardo David, Carlos Gallardo David and Ivette Gallardo David

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  1. Hi John, out of interest what do you pay for that sort of accommodation in Chile